Human Resources Policy

Placing a great importance investing in human resources Kınay Group, believes that human resources is the most valuable aspect in order to make a difference in competition and provide continuous improvement. Today, the efforts of manpower providing services for the organization for many years hold a great place in the success of Kınay Group.

Kınay Group, which adopts the improvement policy that is focused on people and effort, tries to increase the satisfaction and dedication of its employees by providing them a world class working environment and supporting their self improvements. Within this scope, it aims to provide resources that will hep the improvement of its personnel in line with their abilities, create an organization that is dedicated to the modern working standards, provide an efficient communication atmosphere and constantly increase the quality by popularizing the perspective of "how can I do this better?".

Believing that the continuity of organizational success only depends on the employers with high motivation, problem solving skills and dedication to the organization, Kınay Group, increases its organizational performance day by day by evaluating its qualified manpower, incorporated in line with its strategies, in the most productive and efficient way. Today Kınay Group's smart, solution oriented, hard working personnel that has good will, the ability of creating a system and operating the system it created, and dedication for the organization, determines the quality of the services given to the customers.