Services Of Kınay Chartering

a. Chartering & Brokering

KC, when it was established in 1982, focused mainly on the handling of Kinay Group’s growing Boron minerals shipments, over the years, its business has expanded into other cargo types.

Apart from serving the shipping community as cargo brokers and charterers, we are also active in assisting shipowners on priority or semi exclusive basis to act as their broker in finding the right cargo for their vessels.

Apart from our chartering activities on cargo side, KC secures suitable employment for the group’s minibulkers and handysized vessels.

We always ensure first quality services to our customers including a wide range of shipping related services from market reports, to voyage and freight estimations.


b. Shipowning & Operating

The group has been an active shipowner and operator since 1986. Since then the group has built and operated a number of multi-purpose ships as well as conventional handysize and small bulk carriers. The group currently owns and controls four 6,000 dwt bulk carriers.

The group is dedicated to the shipowning business and constantly pursues new building opportunities around the world.

c. Commercial Management

The group has a long history of operating handy size vessels under short-term and long-term charter contracts. Additionally, KC acts as the commercial manager to the group’s own tonnage and also offers these services to third party owners.